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Ask a Travel Consultant

Travel agents are the experts in booking travel for you so that you can save money, time and most of all stress. Here are some key reasons why booking with a United Travel consultant is advantageous to you:


We give you choice

United Travel consultants are trained to tell you about all the choices that are available to you for your next holiday. We have a number of preferred suppliers that we deal with so our consultants can advise you on the quality, value and the differences between the options. Because of this knowledge, we can recommend the products that we know you will love. 


Experts in giving you value

After 38 years in the business, our consultants know the ins and outs of the travel business and how to maximise your travel dollar. With such a myriad of choices, our consultants will tell you who can give you the best deal, what’s on offer and the best combinations to ensure your holiday experience is not only memorable but a great deal!


Your one-stop-travel shop

We will look after you throughout the entire holiday process from air tickets, tours, cruises, train reservations, car hire, hotels and sightseeing so that you don’t have to stress about the finer details. If you’re travelling to a foreign country,  you can have peace of mind that you will be looked after. However if you’re a seasoned traveller and just need the basics, we are only too happy to help.


We’re accountable to you – our customer

Giving you the best holiday ever is our goal so that you will book with us time and time again. We provide unbiased information that suits you to ensure the best value and experience with every holiday you take with us.  We are also here to help in your time of need and can act on your behalf to rectify any situations, should they arise.


We’re locals too!

United Travel shops are owned and operated by locals in your community so  that makes your business personal to us. We understand our customers better than a call centre or the internet so when you deal with us, you deal with travel consultants who want to get to know you and provide value. You also know where to find us should you need help at anytime.

United Travel are bonded travel agents for your protection. If you would like to know more the protection you receive, visit

Call us before you make your next trip, because without a travel agent, you're on your own!