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South Pacific Holidays

  • Cook Islands Holidays

    Cook Islands Holidays

    The 15 Cook Islands are scattered across the south Pacific over about two million square kilometres, an area the size of India. These unspoilt Polynesian tropical gems have a combined population of an average country town: about 14,000 unique and friendly souls. Most Cook Islanders dwell on the capital island of Rarotonga.

  • Fiji Holidays

    Fiji Holidays

    One of the world's more exotic destinations, Fiji is a tropical paradise in the South Pacific. Palm-fringed resorts, beautiful beaches and the friendliest people who will meet & greet you with the famous "BULA" are just some of the unique things that Fiji has to offer.

  • New Caledonia Holidays

    New Caledonia Holidays

    New Caledonia is called The 'Land of Eternal Spring', as it is blessed with a semi tropical climate all year round. Throughout the country you will find a strong Melanesian tradition in the architecture, arts, crafts and hospitality. This combines with a distinct French influence, creating a European style and elegance to create a truly unforgettable experience.

  • Niue Holidays

    Niue Holidays

    Niue is a wonderful tropical paradise, with a wide variety of activities to indulge in. Extensive caves and reefs along the coast make Niue the perfect place for water activities, and make for the most interesting diving and snorkelling locations. Coasteer along the waterfront to find your own private sandy cave, filled with limestone walls and colourful fish, or take a boat ride 10 minutes off the island for an intense cave dive. You can observe the humpback whales while they nurse their...

  • Norfolk Island Holidays

    Norfolk Island Holidays

    Journey to Norfolk Island in the South Pacific, where you can be as laid back as you want to be! Elegant convict-built Georgian buildings are still in daily use and the Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area (KAVHA) is now World Heritage Listed as part of the Australian Convict Sites Inscription

  • Samoa Holidays

    Samoa Holidays

    Amidst the vibrant nature and beautiful scenery of the islands, Samoans live with their ancient traditions and culture largely intact despite the influx of more modern influences. Family, religion and hospitality are values central to Samoan identity, as is the laid-back approach to life and legendary warm welcome extended to visitors.

  • Tahiti Holidays

    Tahiti Holidays

    French Polynesia's main island of Tahiti (meaning 'the gathering place') stands sentinel over her surrounding sisters like a proud queen, her soaring interior mountains sheltering deep valleys, plummeting waterfalls and crystal streams flowing down to the rugged coastline of black and white sand beaches and blue lagoons.

  • Tonga Holidays

    Tonga Holidays

    Tonga has returned to a relaxed atmosphere where travellers usually find a bit of respite from the stressors of the modern world. It is often the destination of water sports enthusiasts. Yacht charters are popular for exploring the islands of Vava'u and Neiafu.

  • Vanuatu Holidays

    Vanuatu Holidays

    The islands are part of the Pacific 'ring of fire', volcanic in origin, with plenty of volcanic activity on the go to astound visitors. The last eruption occurred in 1945, but the volcanoes are continually bubbling and spewing out rocks and lava, adding an enticing element of danger to any visit to Vanuatu.