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Australia Holidays

  • Adelaide Holidays

    Adelaide Holidays

    In keeping with its climate, Adelaide, capital of South Australia, has a Mediterranean ambience as it straddles the Torrens River; filled with churches, gardens, civic buildings, sidewalk cafes and a plethora of museums, galleries and festivals; catering to the culturally inclined. The city was originally laid out in 1836 by Colonel Light in a square mile (three sq km) grid of wide streets with gracious colonial architecture.

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  • Brisbane Holidays

    Brisbane Holidays

    Australia's third largest city has a relaxed, easy-going ambience that is well suited to its moniker 'The City of Sundays'. As the capital of the state of Queensland, however, it has a serious side too and despite it's laid-back aura it is filled with the cosmopolitan hustle and bustle of a major urban hub. Brisbane has several interesting districts, a good street cafe vibe, a wonderful riverside park, a very full cultural calendar and a vibrant nightlife.

  • Gold Coast Holidays

    Gold Coast Holidays

    Australia's Gold Coast stretches south from Queensland's capital, Brisbane, along 45 miles (70km) of coastline into northern New South Wales. The stunning array of beaches along this coast are a major drawcard, and where once only the surf graced the shoreline, today there is a plethora of high-rise accommodation, giant theme parks, exotic nightlife and countless restaurants.

  • Melbourne Holidays

    Melbourne Holidays

    Australia's second-largest city, Melbourne, capital of Victoria, is the most European in style with trams rattling through streets past Victorian buildings, parks and outdoor cafes. The city centre is laid out in a simple grid pattern; the long, wide north-south streets gently sloping down to the Yarra River, crossed by a mix of narrow lanes, and the main shopping streets such as Bourke and Collins Streets.

  • Perth Holidays

    Perth Holidays

    Perth offers a truly unique Western Australian experience. World-class beaches, amazing wildlife and stunning nature make this city a perfect place for a getaway. Discover fabulous dining options, great shopping and a wide selection of modern hotels.

  • Queensland Holidays

    Queensland Holidays

    Queensland is an Australian state with a coastline stretching nearly 7,000km. Its offshore Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef system, hosts thousands of marine species. The city of Cairns is a gateway to the reef and tropical Daintree Rainforest. The stylish capital, Brisbane, is flanked by the surfing-friendly beaches of the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

  • Sunshine Coast Holidays

    Sunshine Coast Holidays

    With an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, it's no surprise why the Sunshine Coast is named so, and why it is a favourite holiday destination for visitors of all persuasions.

  • Sydney Holidays

    Sydney Holidays

    Sunny, seductive Sydney is a high contender for the title of the world's most ideal city. It is slick and smart, the streets are clean; the neighbourhoods and busy pedestrian precincts pristine; the parks sublime; the water in the huge harbour blue, and the landmark buildings breath-taking.